Residential Services

Whether you’re including asphalt as part of new home construction or adding asphalt features to an existing property, Asphalt Specialists & Supply Inc. offers quality residential services from start to finish. Our experienced estimators will meet with you at your residence to ensure that an accurate quote is provided and that the requirements of your project are clearly understood. We use the same skilled crew and quality equipment for small, residential jobs as we use for larger, public installations such as parking lots and roadways. Every project receives the quality attention to detail we are known for.



A properly installed asphalt driveway has functional and aesthetic benefits. Compared to gravel or natural surfaces, it is more easily navigated in wet or snowy conditions and is more cost effective to install and maintain than concrete. As a cosmetic bonus, an asphalt driveway can increase your property value and add to general curb appeal.


Long or short, paths of all sizes are an easy project or add-on.

Recreational Courts

Basketball, tennis and pickleball courts constructed with asphalt can be a great addition to your property.

Patching and Custom Projects

Do you have a special project that you’d like to use asphalt for? Call us and we can discuss your options.

Commercial Services

From parking lots and roadways to golf cart paths and everything in between, Asphalt Specialists *** has your commercial pavement needs covered. From a business perspective, a professional outward appearance that includes fresh asphalt sets a great first impression. Furthermore, a properly installed asphalt parking lot can protect your building(s) and your customers’ vehicles from damage that could result from gravel or dirt lots.
Our estimators have the experience and expertise to handle commercial projects of all sizes. They will meet with you at the job site to take measurements, discuss your specific requirements, and provide an accurate estimate. We will coordinate any subcontractors your project requires, including striping and concrete, and compile everything into one convenient invoice. We also install parking blocks and speed bumps made with recycled material. Our reliable crew is fully bonded and insured and we continue to earn our Premium Cost Containment Certificate every year.

  • Parking Lots
  • Roadways
  • Pathways
  • Striping
  • Parking Blocks/Speed Bumps
  • Temporary, Emergency Patching (Cold Weather)

Municipal Services

Palisade Bike Path

From schools and government buildings to town roadways and highway work, our experts have experience working with municipal authorities of all levels. Asphalt is a cost effective way for governing bodies to provide safe roads, parking lots, paths, and runways for their citizens. Our experienced estimators and foremen will meet with your project manager at the jobsite to provide a free estimate that accurately includes all of the job’s unique requirements. We are fully bonded and insured and continue to earn our Premium Cost Containment Certificate on a yearly basis. We understand that municipal projects typically have many moving parts and we are more than happy to work with other general or subcontractors, third party project management firms, and/or tax exempt entities.

Palisade Highschool
  • Parking Lots
  • Roadways
  • Pathways
  • Airport Runways
  • Recreational Courts (Basketball, Tennis,                                    pickleball, etc.)
  • Striping
  • Parking Blocks/Speed Bumps
  • Temporary, Emergency Patching (Cold Weather)

What People Are Saying

Ron and Jean Cutler

“Shawn and his crew were great!  I watched as they created such a beautiful entrance and drive up to the house.  Great attention to detail! Ready and willing to recommend!”

Asphalt enthusiasts

Thank you guys so much! My boys just loved watching you and how you interacted with them was amazing! Thank you! Humanity at its finest!!!

La Villa Grande Care Center

They did a beautiful job on our new parking lot at La Villa Grande Care Center!

Beverly Windscheffel

Thank you for an amazing job and taking such pride in your workmanship. I love going to get my mail everyday and seeing my beautiful driveway. Beverly Windscheffel

Scott Murphy, Montrose City Engineer

“Some of the best finished asphalt I have seen and very happy with the end result.”

Dean Cooper, Mountain Valley Contracting

“Brad and Shawn run a very good crew and they take care of the little things.”

Roland G., Ridgeway Resident

“A great crew. They were neat and clean. Would happily recommend you.”

Rick S., Grand Junction Resident

“The men doing the work on the driveway were hard working and professional. Great team! Thank you.”

Larry and Dawn W., Grand Junction Residents

“Thanks for the superb black topping job! Your crew was exceptional in their attention to detail and quality. Moreover, I was very appreciative of the price for such an outstanding job!”

Ben Dowd, President Ben Dowd Excavating

“We were very satisfied with the work performed on Palisade’s Main Street. The workmanship was top notch… it was one of the best reveal’s we have seen in a long time. Your timeliness in scheduling and completion is also very much appreciated.”